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Centuries-old practice, the ice bath promises to reduce inflammation, enhance the immune system, improve the quality of sleep, release endorphins, and other benefits.

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1. The cold bath improves blood circulation

With the water temperature lower than that of the body, the body needs to work harder to maintain the natural temperature, which helps in blood circulation, making the blood reach all areas of the body faster.

3. Accelerates the metabolism

Taking cold baths about two to three times a week helps to accelerate the metabolism, because the body needs to spend more energy to maintain its temperature and increases calorie burning.

5. It is excellent for skin health

Without drying out and without removing the natural protective layer of the skin, cold baths are excellent for keeping the skin healthy, as well as helping to close the pores, controlling oiliness.

2. It helps to stimulate the immune system

Studies show that taking cold baths helps in the production of white blood cells, which act in the defense of the body, reducing the risks of acquiring diseases such as flu and colds.

4. Assists in relieving muscle pain

Cold and cold baths cause the blood vessels to contract, reducing pain, swollen and relieving symptoms of inflammation, as well as when putting an ice compress after minor injuries.

6. And it helps to relax at night

During the night, taking a cold shower helps to relax, because with the body temperature naturally lower at the end of the day, this helps to slow down a little and prepare better for a good night's sleep.

ICE HORSE FORGE was developed to support a healthy lifestyle, not to diagnose, cure or prevent diseases or any specific medical situation or conditions. Ice baths are not medical devices but an ancient lifestyle that has not been studied or evaluated by the FDA. Seek specific medical advice before starting your exposure to the cold shower.

This site is not developed for suggestions of medical treatments, but for informational purposes.

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